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The Wrap Up Featuring Michael Faraday

We are excited to have 1840 Michael Faraday Drive, Reston, VA as our first project to be a part of our series called “The Wrap Up”. To give some intro as to what The Wrap Up is, we will be giving you a sneak peak behind the scenes and sharing details to projects that Tammal Demolition has recently finished.

The original space at Michael Faraday was a 62,343 sq ft commercial tenant space with 4 stories coming out to be 68 feet tall. The lot size of Michael Faraday is 102,470 sq ft.

Our task at Michael Faraday was to remove the existing building and the above grade site features to prepare the lot for redevelopment. We completed the demolition in four phases, universal waste abatement, interior gutting, unknown acm abatement, and razing of the total structure.

We started the first phase of universal waste abatement by identifying what universal wastes were within the building and began removal of those wastes which

included items such as lamp tubes, paints, cleaners, fluids, CFC’s, and oil. Once all of the universal wastes were removed and verified gone from the site we then began the next phase of interior gutting. During the process of the interior gutting the work ranged from flooring, walls, and ceiling components throughout the four stories of the building. While we were in the process of the interior demolition we discovered that parts of the mechanical ducts had asbestos containing materials which were located at the seam connections throughout the building. To keep the work flowing and prevent a delay in the schedule for the start date of the raze, after discovery of the asbestos we were able to keep the schedule on track by overlapping the crew on day 3 working on the abatement and continuing the interior demolition. As the crews were continuing their progress we were able to salvage all electrical panels, transformers, low voltage equipment, and an existing backup generator. By having those two phases, interior gutting and abatement, working simultaneously the crew were able to complete the phases in 15 days and continue to the next phase of razing.

This project was no small feat as we used:

  • 3 skid steers

  • 1 dust boss DB-60

  • One 40 ton excavator with 8,000 lbs shear

  • One 25 ton excavator with a processor

We were able to recycle:

  • 1,187 tons of concrete, brick and CMU for aggregate fill material

  • 373 tons of ferrous metals

  • 84% of the building was able to be recycled

Thanks for reading and see you all next time!

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